PTA clarification

09 Sep 2020


THIS is with reference the news item, “ISPs, PTA at odds over procedure to contain ‘indecent’ content” (Sept 3). It is clarified that the claim made in the said story regarding Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) wanting to “regulate political voices in the garb of containing indecent content” is not correct.

The referenced meeting took place on Sept 2 to discuss a single point agenda to restrict the access to pornographic content through Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in accordance with the prevailing laws. While there were suggestions regarding the mechanism and methods to achieve the objective, there was no consensus on restricting porn content. PTA and telecom industry showed their clear resolve and commitment to curbing porn content served through any means, including CDNs.

Furthermore, no such statement, claim or reference as quoted in the said story i.e. “regulating political voices”, was either made or discussed at the meeting.

Khurram Ali Mehran
Director PR
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2020