KARACHI is perhaps the only mega city in the world that is not owned by its government, although it provides 70 per cent of revenue. This neglect (after shifting of the capital in the 1960s) has ruined infrastructure. Being a new virgin city, it should have been the best planned city in the world.

Recent rains have created so much chaos that it may lead not only to a serious health problem and a law and order situation; it will have an impact on all political parties in the next elections.

This has compelled provincial and central governments to come to the aid of the people of Karachi. After the 18th amendment, the entire responsibility of Karachi rests with the Sindh government. Therefore, it should not expect help from the federal government to carry out development work in Sindh.

However, despite this, Islamabad wants to help the Sindh government and the people of Karachi in carrying out some urgent projects of public importance. However, the federal government does not have trust in the Sindh administration and fears that money meant for Karachi’s development may not be properly utilised. Instead of politicising the issue, the Sindh government should welcome federal help.

Syed M Nazim

Published in Dawn, September 7th, 2020