LONDON: Two days after the first atom bombing in history, Tokyo radio today [Aug 8] gave the world the first detailed report of its staggering effects in words which left no doubt as to the terrible power of the Allies’ new weapon.

All living things, human and animal, were “literally seared to death” in Monday’s atom bomb attack on the fortress city of Hiroshima which, with a population of 318,000 is about the same size as Ahmedabad.

“Those outdoors were burned to death and those indoors were killed by indescribable pressure and heat,” said Tokyo radio. “The major part of Hiroshima is destroyed. The destructive force of the new weapon is indescribable, as is the terrible devastation which it has caused … Hiroshima is a city of ruins and the dead are too numerous to be counted.”

American reconnaissance photographs taken today as soon as the seven and a half miles high mountain of smoke and dust over the doomed city has cleared confirmed Tokyo’s description … Faced with a future of having all cities “atomised” the Japanese will have to decide anew whether to accept the allies unconditional surrender call which may shortly be sent to them by London and Washington.

Published in Dawn, August 9th, 2020