Expo Centre

09 Aug 2020


THE expo centres in the country are the main hub of business for local and international entrepreneurs as business deals worth billion of dollars are made during business to business (B2B) exhibitions. These exhibitions earn foreign exchange hence are essential for the economy. No exhibition has been held for the last six months owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and because the expo centres were turned into medical units to treat for Covid-19 patients.

The overall economic condtion in Pakistan was already precarious, and the current pandemic has further damaged it. Now that the federal government has allowed the reopening of economic activity the medical facility set up in Karachi Expo Centre should be shifted to some other place so that B2B exhibitions can be held while exercising Covid-19 safety precautions.

The holding of B2B exhibitions will generate employment for people in many sectors like event organizers, stall fabricators, carpenters, labourers, hotel industry, car rentals, carpet industry, printing industry, etc.

Affected well-wishers

Published in Dawn, August 9th, 2020