Covid-19: more testing

08 Aug 2020


As the curve flattens that reflects a significant decrease of Covid-19 cases throughout the country paving way for the opening up of public spaces, economic activity and easing of restrictions, it is, however, too soon to let down our guard.

As the number of tests of the virus has fallen which many have interpreted as a positive sign, the authorities still need to keep an eye on the emerging trend in a next couple of weeks.

As Prime Minister Imran Khan has already warned us in advance, the violation of SOPs and the social gatherings in Eid might result in a spike in infections, it is prudent to ensure that testing, which has gone down, should ramp up.

Even when the virus was at its apex, the testing was below the par, now that the rate of infections have decreased, the testing should not follow suit. A violation of SOPs might leave the population vulnerable if the second wave of infections strikes the country given the fact that the healthcare infrastructure and resources are already depleting.

Therefore, there should be no room for complacency, especially when Muharram is around the corner.


Published in Dawn, August 8th, 2020