BOMBAY: The view that India should now strive for a final constitutional settlement rather than grope for an interim agreement now that the war in Europe is over and the war against Japan is drawing to a close, is expressed by Mr. M.A. Jinnah, President of the All-India Muslim League, addressing tonight [Aug 6] a meeting convened to present a purse to Mr. Jinnah.

Mr. Jinnah analysed the Simla Conference and said the first question is why did Mr. Gandhi … go to Simla? Having gone there, why did Mr. Gandhi not attend the conference? The reason is simple. It is to play the role of a wire-puller.

He was not merely content with being an adviser of the Congress and its Working Committee, but he constituted himself as an adviser of the Viceroy and through him the British nation. …When it suits him, he represents nobody — he can talk in an individual capacity. He is not even a four-anna member of the Congress; he undertakes fast to decide the political issue, he reduces himself to zero and consults his inner voice when it suits him, he is the supreme dictator of the Congress. …

Published in Dawn, August 8th, 2020