Supporting Kashmir

07 Aug 2020


SOME individuals have been criticising the Inter Services Public Relations for releasing a song on Kashmir, and not doing anything to stop Indian brutality on the Kashmiri people.

I would like to educate them that this is hybrid-warfare or fifth generation warfare. Popularly called 5GW, it is the battle of perceptions and information. It is a battle which distorts the opinion of the masses. But as always, because of lack of knowledge, our people are unable to appreciate these novel and irregular methods which is the only way to deal with India.

The purpose of patriotic songs is to inculcate patriotism in the masses. They are sung to boost the morale of soldiers and the nation. Similarly, these songs, released by ISPR, are intended to promote the cause of Kashmir. The purpose is to spread the message that Kashmir doesn’t belong to India. It is to let the people know the heinous crimes of India in occupied Kashmir.

So let us not make fun of the ISPR’s efforts and support the Kashmir cause whole-heartedly.

Ali Murtaza

Published in Dawn, August 7th, 2020