Essential lockdown

01 Aug 2020


THE decision taken by the Punjab government to enforce a much-needed and necessary nine-day Eidul Azha lockdown is a right decision at the right time, given the fact that the negligence from the government side at the time of Eidul Fitr had given us hard lessons to learn.

Even though the number of Covid-19 cases is falling and the curve has shown promising signs of flattening, it might be too simple-minded to claim that the total threat has ended. The virus is still lurking around and can strike whenever we let the guards down.

The decision to close shopping plazas and other public places and the strict emphasis on SOPs and social distancing measures show the government is determined not to repeat the ill-founded generosity and leniency it demonstrated two months ago that led to an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases. The government’s decision will save many lives.

While we can all hope that the restrictions imposed on markets and other specific areas will help control the virus, it is apparent that a huge price has been paid for all of this. Especially affected are traders and daily wage earners.

A citizen


Published in Dawn, August 1st, 2020