31 Jul 2020



Pyar Ke Sadqay | Hum TV, Thursdays 8.00pm

While Abdullah (Bilal Abbas) is confused whether his wife Mahjabeen’s (Yumna Zaidi) complaint about Abdullah’s stepfather Sarwar (Omair Rana) touching her inappropriately is the truth or a lie, his sharp sibling Washma (Srha Asghar) couldn’t be clearer about Sarwar’s antics. Washma knows her stepfather Sarwar is organising his stepson Abdullah’s divorce so he can marry Mahjabeen himself. She warns her mother Mansoora (Atiqa Odho) that by supporting the divorce, Mansoora is clearing the way for Sarwar to marry Mahjabeen. Mansoora, who has earlier been shown as an intelligent woman has become quite dumb as the story progresses, and she can’t seem to see her husband Sarwar’s cunning moves. Washma also confronts Sarwar and makes it clear to him that she is well aware of his plan, and that she will not let it materialise at any cost. Srha Asghar truly owns her role.

Bandhay Ek Dor Se | Geo TV, Thursdays 8.00pm

Five episodes down, the story (if there is one) is buried deep in a slew of characters. Zakia (Saba Pervaiz) and Razia (Saba Faisal) are two sisters, and a mind-boggling array of characters comprising their families are busy in long-winded conversations, misunderstandings and rivalry. The three main characters are Omar (Ahsan Khan), Maheen (Ushna Shah) and Roshni (Hina Altaf). Omar and Maheen are first cousins and best friends, while Roshni is Maheen’s next-door neighbour and also friends. Omar loves Roshni, who is a materialistic girl, and she decides to dump Omar for a rich and promising family friend Nabeel (Adeel Chaudhry). Omar doesn’t know yet that Roshni has dumped him because Maheen, the messenger between the two, is too sweet to let her cousin Omar get hurt. Predictably enough, the material girl that is Roshni will soon find out that Omar’s love is pure, while Nabeel’s flirtation is merely temporary.

What To Watch Out For

Sabaat | Hum TV, Sundays 8.00pm

Usman Mukhtar probably accepted the lead role of Dr Haaris even though it gives him limited exposure because, as the character sheds layers, it reveals a past that is similar to Mukhtar’s real-life story. And strangely enough, all of Mukhtar’s leading ladies get married in real life! Earlier, it was Anaa’s Izzah (Naimal Khan) who married Hamza Ali Abbasi, and now it’s Sarah Khan who recently tied the knot with Falak Shabbir. Finally, Dr Haaris proposes to the headstrong Miraal (Sarah Khan) even though she warns him that she is complicated and has anger issues. The romantic scene where Dr Haaris goes down on his knee to propose to Miraal must have gotten many hearts fluttering. While Miraal is all set to get married, frustration sets in the marital relationship of her estranged brother Hasan (Ameer Gilani) and his wife Anaya (Mawra Hocane) over unemployment and finance issues. This, too, is just how Miraal wants things to be.

Published in Dawn, ICON, July 31st, 2020