Covid-19: Eidul Azha

16 Jul 2020


EIDUL Azha is about a few weeks away. In a few days flocks of sacrificial animals, including camels, goats, etc., will start coming on to roads and streets and fill the atmosphere with stink, filth and odour that will go in our lungs along with billions of viruses and bacteria.

The influx of sacrificial animals and their slaughter in streets and pavements will produce blood and filth. The blood should be honoured and respected because the sacrifice is for God.

According to reports, camels and cattle might be infected with coronavirus. In goats and sheep, it has not yet been detected. Children joyfully collect hides for prizes by the NGOs. They might be attacked by multiple viruses and bacteria.

I request all parents to keep children away from these activities. I think nowhere in the world is Eidul Azha celebrated in a most filthy manner as it is in Pakistan. If Eidul Azha is celebrated in this manner, the number of cases of Covid-19 will increase.

I would ask non-profit organisations such as Edhi, Chippa, Alamgir and mosques to slaughter these animals. Slaughter should be done the way it is done in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Bringing animals and slaughtering them in streets and footpaths should be prohibited for good. This will be a great service to the people’s health, keep cities clean and will save the economy.

Dr M. Qudrat-e-Khuda

Published in Dawn, July 16th, 2020