LONDON: An attack on the Premier’s son, Major Randolph Churchill, for suggesting that victory in the Far East might be delayed if the Labour Party wins the election is made by the “Daily Herald” today [July 11].

The newspaper quotes him as telling an audience that Nelson, the Lancashire cotton town — one of the 24 divisions where voting was postponed from last Thursday owing to local holidays — that if they returned the Socialist majority to the House, “the military ignorance and interference of the Socialist Party might lead to three or four months’ postponement of final victory in the Far East ....”

[Meanwhile, as reported from Cairo,] Nahas Pasha, former Egyptian Premier — who was banned by the Egyptian Government from holding a public meeting of his supporters in Port Said — held a meeting of several hundred Wafdists in a Cairo restaurant, in which he urged that Egypt should have free elections.

Nahas Pasha said: “… I have submitted to King Farouk a note in which I begged the King to put an end to this eccentric situation and appoint a neutral cabinet to carry out free elections under the shadow of general freedom.”

Published in Dawn, July 13th, 2020