RAWALPINDI: Journalist Ali Salman Alvi who was arrested by police in connection with the alleged murder of his wife Sadar Zahra Naqvi, was sent to jail on Wednesday after completion of his physical remand.

Alvi had been in police remand since he was arrested by police after his deceased wife’s sister Syeda Mehwish lodged an FIR, alleging that he was involved in murdering her sister, after the incident came to light on June 29.

According to the FIR, Mehvish had rushed to her sister’s place in Yousuf Colony, along with her mother and husband, after receiving a call from Alvi, informing her that Sadaf had done something to herself. She found her sister in one of the rooms, hanging from the ceiling fan. There was a ladder in the room too.

Sadaf was pulled down and untied, but she had passed away already, the FIR stated.

Mehwish has accused Alvi of allegedly murdering her sister and beating, torturing her for years, while she was alive. She said that he had been warned against the abuse several times but he did not stop.

Published in Dawn, July 9th, 2020