Rotten eggs

04 Jul 2020


IS the state of governance better today than what it was two years ago when the PTI came to power at the peak of popularity? We know that no one can change the country’s fortunes in a year or two, but the point is that the PTI government failed in changing anything in two years.

The people are confused and wonder who they should look to and choose if the previous political leaders are corrupt and were unable to develop our country. Imran Khan, who was a hope for the nation, has failed to deliver and meet the expectations of the people.

If we look at the PTI manifesto, nothing seems to have been delivered. The ministers in the PTI-led government who come from different parties off and on humiliate fellow party members in the media.

Imran Khan must bring about the change in the system and kick out the rotten eggs not just out of the party but out of this system. The PTI members, instead of doing the tasks they have been assigned, do nothing but speak all the time to the media.

I was a big fan of Imran Khan but considering his poor governance, I am in a state of shock too like other people who had high hopes from him.

There is still time for Imran Khan to open up his eyes and look at the non-performance by his advisers.

Salman Mehmood Chohan


Published in Dawn, July 4th, 2020