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Iqra University slashes tuition fees by 25% for upcoming semester

The move intends to facilitate students who are facing financial stress due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Updated 06 Jul, 2020 09:56am

Iqra University has set a new benchmark to meet the learning needs of Pakistan in the current times and ensure academics do not get affected by the growing economic and social challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak.

As an institutional body, Iqra University not only values the mental wellbeing of its students, but also places special emphasis on their financial wellbeing.

In a bid to help students continue their education in these challenging times, Iqra University has slashed tuition fee for the upcoming semester by 25%.

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‘Should I take the next semester? Will I be able to pay for it?’

At the beginning of this summer, a number of students were uncertain about signing up for courses in the upcoming semester due to the financial and emotional crisis their families are bearing these days.

IU is now the first and only university in Karachi that has offered a 25% fee concession to its students.

To help students meet their educational needs without falling short of funds, Iqra University has offered a 25% cut in tuition fees to ensure students do not have to alter their academic plans because of the pandemic.

All students can avail this discount and attend their semester online by visiting this link:

This step further testifies that the institution reserves special focus for continued provision of quality education.

Iqra has recently been included in the top 300 universities by the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking 2020; the university has also become the only private sector university from Sindh which holds goal-based targets and values high quality education to provide students with lifelong learning opportunities.

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