(EDITORIAL) At a time when the entire Hindu Press has started malevolently accusing Mr. Jinnah of intransigence with regard to the question of parity, the Qaid-e-Azam has done well to explain the League standpoint at a Press conference so admirably… He has proved by facts and figures and infallible logic the precariousness of the Muslim position in the Viceroy’s proposed Executive Council if the League were to nod assent to a proposition rendered so much vitiated and perverted by Mahatmic Machiavellianism, Maulanic megalomania and the rapacity of lesser Congress fry… The so-called Nationalist Muslims are playing exactly the same role as Pierre Laval and Vidkun Quisling played to their Nazi masters.

The Azads and Khan Sahebs are as much guilty of betrayal of the cause of the nation to which they belong as the ex-Premier of France and the despicable Norwegian septuagenarian are guilty of betraying their respective countries. There can be no truck with persons who elevate bad faith to the status of a creed. Will the chosen leader of the French people sit with Laval in reshaping the destiny of France? Lord Wavell should, therefore, try to appreciate the Muslim position in light of the French parallel.

Published in Dawn, July 2nd, 2020