BEIRUT: The United States has proposed as a prelude to a Middle East settlement a three-month ceasefire from July 1 to October 1 — on all fronts and creation of a 20-kilometre (12-mile) wide Demilitarised Zone on both sides of the Suez Canal, Ministerial sources said here today [June 24].

The peace plan, expected to be announced by the US Secretary of State, Mr William Rogers, at a Washington Press conference tomorrow, provides for Israeli withdrawal from all Arab territory seized in the 1967 June war, except for the Golan Heights, and for the future of Jerusalem to be discussed in indirect peace talks. …

Dr Gunnar Jarring, U Thant’s peace envoy to the Middle East, would resume his mission on the basis of indirect negotiations between Arabs and Israelis in which the status of Jerusalem would be discussed according to the plan. The United Nations would also post observers to supervise the withdrawal of Arab and Israeli forces from the Suez Canal.

Observers here said that, although the plan was reported to include proposals for the repatriation or compensation of Palestine refugees, it would be rejected out of hand by the commando groups, which all oppose a peaceful settlement. — Agency

Published in Dawn, June 25th, 2020