Updated Jun 24 2020


The latest offering by Mooroo is doing quite well on Patari. The song 14 July is a fun, quirky, funky number which is signature Mooroo. In terms of overall construction, it reminds one of his 2014 song Itni Chickni in which he collaborated with Ali Gul Pir.

It goes without saying that Mooroo is incredibly prolific — both as a YouTuber, churning out several videos every month, and as a musical artist, with a few singles out every year. He knows his vocals aren’t his strongest skill, so he’s not even going to try writing or composing a song in which he’s supposed to show off his vocal prowess. Instead, he focuses on creating a fun atmosphere, and when it comes to his songwriting — every song is a conversation spoken directly to the audience or to his intended subject — every song tells a story. There’s a narrative to follow in every track. When it comes to his singing, 14 July follows his signature ‘spoken lyrics’ style.

Although 14 July is quite upbeat, the song is a bit dark. There’s a hint of anger and quiet rage. The protagonist feels vengeful about being publicly humiliated and framed for something he didn’t do. And he wants to get back at his partner for potentially going behind his back and/or orchestrating or being a party to his humiliation and false accusation.

Sab ko sach pata hai /Akhbaaron mein likha hai / Koi raaz nahin hai/ Woh tayyaar mera pyaar mera/ Badnaam kiya hai/ Barbaad karna chaha/ Innay ilzaam mujh pe jhoota lagaya

[Everyone knows the truth/ It’s in the papers/ It’s not a secret/ My love for you present as ever/ You publicly humiliated me/ You wanted to ruin me/ They falsely accused me]

Masaala lagaya kahani ko tarrka/ Yeh to masoom sa qissa tha/ Yeh sab kar ke kis ka hoga faida/ Meri jaan tumhein pyaar se samjha raha hoon

[You added spice to the story/ This was an innocent story/ Who benefits from this? /I’m trying to explain this to you, nicely.

Then you have the tongue-in-cheek chorus:

14 July ki raat ko tum kahaan thi?


Sarkaar ki hai inquiry

Kisi ne kaha tum wahaan thi

Kahin raaz mujh se chhupaati tau nahin…

[Where were you on July 14?

Tell me!

This is a` federal inquiry

Someone said you were there

You’re not keeping secrets from me, are you?]

Accompanying Mooroo (aka Taimoor Salahuddin) are Hamad Khan on the guitar and clav, Sohaib Lari on bass guitar and Raheel Manzar Paul on drums while Eruj Hadi provides the backing vocals. The song has been arranged, mixed, mastered and produced by Bigfoot Music.

The reason 14 July might sound similar to some of Moooroo’s previous work is not just because of Mooroo. The musicians at Bigfoot Music are his old friends and they have also collaborated on some of his older songs.

It’s a fun song that provides a much-needed break and relief from the gloom and doom surrounding the worsening coronavirus situation in the country and from the artists that want to ‘save’ us from it through half-baked ‘saviour’ collaborations.