NFC nomination

03 Jun 2020


THIS is with reference to ‘People of Balochistan deserve better’ by Mohammad Hanif (May 24). The brouhaha created by Mr Hanif on the nomination of Mr Javed Jabbar to the 10th NFC seems totally misplaced.

The author of three works of fiction Mr Hanif has always provided much entertainment and delight, and his first novel A Case of Exploding Mangoes did give him the popularity and accolades as he let his imagination run really wild while expressing his thoughts in that particular novel and his two subsequent novels.

But Balochistan is a totally different ball game. Here we need facts not fiction. Reading his comments gives one the impression that Mr Jabbar is pandering to the position, which, he has now finally declined with grace.

The writer seems to be taking a dig at the most respected, articulate, knowledgeable and versatile personality by writing that he wrote his 11 books without “even stepping into a compound of a jail” as if that was a prerequisite to writing books. This writer has four books to her credit and I take umbrage to this comment.

Most of Mr Jabbar’s books speak of his passion for Pakistan and his being an ardent nationalist. The last one What is Pakistaniat is a case in point. Mr Hanif, in a hurry to prove himself right, seems to have missed this one.

A man of exceptional principles Mr Jabbar resigned his ministerial position in Pervez Musharraf’s cabinet and earlier too. Mr Jabbar is a unique ambassador of global fraternity. I would like to remind readers how this esteemed advertising man, filmmaker, politician and author left the warmonger G.D. Bakshi of India gobsmacked with his cool calm response. He gave them lessons in geography and pluralism on their own soil with poise and grace. He has been representing Pakistan very successfully in the Pakistan-India Neemrana Initiative

Recently, we saw him defending Pakistan and our beloved Quaid-i-Azam who was accused by Mr Pervez Hoodbhoy of never writing any research paper, besides other allegations.

Mr Hanif is absolutely right. The people of Balochistan definitely deserve better. They deserve a man of integrity. They deserve a thorough professional. They deserve an honest man to rise above all causes.

Talat Rahim


Published in Dawn, June 3rd, 2020