PIA crash

June 02, 2020


THE PIA aircraft crash in Karachi is a most unfortunate incident. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. An inquiry has been initiated to ascertain the possible causes of the crash.

My point of concern is that the inquiry conclusions are hardly remembered or acted upon in our country. PIA and CAA are infested with unions and political appointees. If we blame people in the cockpit, the pilots association will get angry; a similar reaction is to be expected from the CAA if we blame the air worthiness of the aircraft and a similar reaction by the unions if maintainence staff is to be blamed.

All and sundry will try to save their skins and jobs and ultimately the government in trying to pacify the anger and win the hearts of the people will find some scapegoat or at worst replace the CEO. The end of all problems.

It is hoped and prayed that we find and pinpoint the causes that led to this disaster regardless of who gets the blame or loses their job.

Lastly, nowadays even a decent shop has a CCTV in its vicinity. How come we can’t see what and how the actual first landing attempt happened when the aircraft was in the airport’s vicinity? I find this a bit strange!

Isphanyar Bhandara


Published in Dawn, June 2nd, 2020