SIALKOT: The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) on Monday urged the government to provide necessary boost to the export sector and exporters in the larger interest of the national economy.

SCCI President Muhammad Ashraf Malik demanded early restoration of the zero-rated regime to five export-oriented sectors in the larger interest of the Industry to fight its way out of the crisis as soon as possible.

Malik proposed the agreement to renegotiate its agreement with the International Monetary Fund following the Covid-19 crisis on the developing countries like Pakistan.

“Facilitation from the government in the shape of the revival of SRO 1125 would provide a much-needed boost to the export sectors and allow them to secure export business at hand and would solve their liquidity issues as their funds would not pile up with the government in the shape of pending refunds,” he added.

He said the Sindh government to bring down the Infrastructure Develo­pment Cess of 1.25 per cent on the import of raw materials and machinery to zero.

He said the exemption of levy would immensely benefit and support the export sectors across Pakistan and provide exporters with significant relief.

Published in Dawn, June 2nd, 2020