MUZAFFARGARH: Five people drowned in the Chenab and the Indus in three incidents here on the second day of Eid (Monday).

Five members of a family – three sisters and their two cousins - went to the Chenab for picnic at Ibrahim Pattan. Talking selfies along the bank, Kiran and her sister Heer slipped into the river and drowned. Rescuers claimed to have recovered body of Kiran on Tuesday while search for the other was under way.

In the second incident which took place at Head Mohammad Wala on Tuesday evening, Moteeur Rehman along with friends wanted to bathe in the Chenab while a police team tried to stop him from doing so but he jumped into the river. His body was yet to be recovered.

In another incident, two sisters Samreen and Nasreen were cutting fodder on a waterlogged stretch of the Indus and they did not know about the river and drowned. Rescuers have found body of Samreen.

The district administration has already banned bathing and selfies near the rivers.

MURDER: A six-year-old boy was allegedly kidnapped on Eidul Fitr day (Sunday) and later his body was found from husks on Tuesday near the house of his uncle.

Abdul Hadi (6) went missing and his family got a kidnap case registered. On Tuesday, his body was found from husks near his uncle’s home. The body was shifted for autopsy.

Published in Dawn, May 27th, 2020