Dirili: Erturul

May 23, 2020


THE broadcast of the Turkish historical play Dirili: Erturul has caused a storm in a teacup with media personalities and others expressing concern over its impact on Pakistani culture and our youth.

Some media personalities have argued that it will create violent and pugnacious minds owing to violent scenes in drama. Rightly said so you act what you see and watch.

However, extensive research has shown that it is violent video games that increase aggressive behaviour. As people avoid going to public places and are confined to their homes, demand for gaming has increased.

According to Forbes and Bloomberg, video gaming companies have recorded an all-time high revenue. Why experts never say something on PUBG which Pakistani youth plays avidly? Why were these voices not raised vociferously against these repugnant video games?

Kiran Parveen Abro



I COMMEND the professionalism shown by Pakistan Television in dubbing the Turkish drama series Ertugrul Ghazi. The translation of the dialogue in Urdu is so well done that one forgets that it is a translation. The dubbing itself is a masterly effort that should be commended. When the speaker’s mouth closes at the end of a speech, the Urdu version of the dialogue ends too, in perfect synchronisation. The choice of voices for the various characters is also spot on as the voices match the personality of the characters.

Whether one likes the drama series or not, this is a matter of individual choice. However, the fact remains that PTV has done a good job. Kudos!

Rehana Alam


Published in Dawn, May 23rd, 2020