MINGORA:As the prolonged lockdown leaves tourist spots in Swat deserted, a group of trekkers have visited mountains in Ser Talegram area to see sights, especially lush green valleys and roaring waterfalls.

Members of the group told Dawn that they had decided to escape from the suffocation caused by the coronavirus lockdown and find solace in the natural beauty of the mountains.

“We decided to visit Tamaba Gat waterfall in Ghanma Ranga valley of Ser Talegram area and enjoy the serenity of the valley. The valley is hidden from the people but it has its own unique beauty as it is lush green with orchards and fields, streams of crystal clear water and roaring waterfalls,” said trekker Naseer Ahmad of Manglawar area.

The trekkers said the valley gave a look of paradise where everything was pure and beautiful.

“The lockdown, which has been in force for over a month, has mentally disturbed us, so the natural beauty of the valley relieved our stress and refreshed us. We walked for around two hours and reached the waterfall, which proved a welcome respite for all of us,” said Tariq Aziz of Saidu Sharif.

The trekkers said they were refreshed by the ‘misty cool spray and roaring music’ from the waterfall.

They said the small valley was not only scenic but also serene as it connected Ser Talegram village with Malam Jabba having dozens of small hamlets on the way.

“The valley has several waterfalls and streams but it has some mysterious rocks, too, which are high and straight. The valley is unique for its wild flowers of various colours,” said Ziaullah Mian.

The trekkers said apart from a roaring waterfall in Tamba Gat area, there was another cascading waterfall in Gishar area of the valley, which was magical.

“I love this cascading waterfall that seems magical as the white water was cascading down a series of crags with misty and milky show. It is really beautiful and everyone who loves adventure must come here to see something different,” said Faisal Saeed.

The trekkers said the valley was tranquil and the waterfalls had power and mystery.

“It is a small track offering much more to those who love nature and want to escape from the current boring life during the lockdown,” said Amjad Sahab.

The trekkers invited people to visit the valley and get pleasure from pristine and unique environment during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

Published in Dawn, May 2nd, 2020