LONDON: The German News Agency today [April 6] quoted Dr. Goebbels as saying in his weekly article in ‘Das Reich’ that the mainspring of the German policy must be to hold out long enough for the present crisis to become unsolvable for the Allies.

“The present crisis, whether it remains at its present pitch or increases, will finally drown our enemies provided we do not allow them to straighten out their differences temporarily by dividing the Reich among themselves as their booty,” Dr. Goebbels writes.

“It is understandable that in the face of all the setback we have suffered during the last two years many Germans should be asking themselves how it all could have happened and whether this or that could not be avoided. It would be too cheap at the present moment to search for scapegoats. There will always be weaklings who will be unable to wait for a slowly approaching decision and who will commit suicide out of fear of death. “Granted we are all suffering many tribulations. This, however, must never be an excuse for actions which will eventually only lead to worse sufferings for our entire people. We must offer resistance at all costs and remain to the bitter end.

Published in Dawn, April 7th, 2020