Non-functional ATMs

April 07, 2020


IN this lockdown, ATMs are our lifeline. But I regret to say that the National Bank of Pakistan has failed to keep its ATMs working. With many bank branches closed, ATMs are the only source of cash. The other day the branch (of another bank) was closed in my neighbourhood. I went to another branch and inserted the ATM card. After a crucially long wait, the machine informed me that there was no response from the issuer. The next day I went to an NBP branch and found to my regret the same phenomenon. I request NBP (and all banks) to keep their ATMs in proper working order.

A warning to ATM users: use the ATM of that branch which is open. Sometimes the machines swallow your card; if the branch is closed then you have had it. If the branch is open you can ask the manager to get you back your card. For this they demand the original CNIC. Nonsense. A photocopy should do. Who keeps the original CNIC in his wallet 24 hours?

A Citizen

Published in Dawn, April 7th, 2020