Silent message

March 29, 2020


The current Covid-19 outbreak has delivered a message to the world. The people should listen and pay heed to what is being said.

We have been told that we did not have time for anyone. We were so busy that most of us ignored our families. Our behaviour with others was harsh and we would lose patience and become surly while communicating. We did not have time to pray or to enjoy nature. We were always in a rush, coming from nowhere and going nowhere.

Well guess what. A micro-organism called Covid-19 has brought the lives of seven billion plus people in 195 countries almost to a halt. Now that life has hit a pause, we need to reflect and take stock of our lives. Perhaps Mother Nature and planet earth are telling us to be thankful and display large doses of tolerance show love and be grateful to God and his mercies. Just think about it!

Tariq Habib

Published in Dawn, March 29th, 2020