Private schools

March 23, 2020


IMPARTING education is a sacred profession. In all the civilised societies in the world, educational affairs are run both by the government and the private sector organisations, keeping in view the betterment and the welfare of a learner.

In other words, various educational institutions work with the sole motive of service and delivery. They give education and do not sell it as a commodity.

But, unfortunately, in Pakistan imparting education has become a business. Private education has become too expensive and beyond the reach of a middle class family. Private schools charge heavy tuition and other fees without really caring whether the parents/guardians of a child can afford it or not.

The private school administrations do not allow children to attend classes whose parents/guardians fail to deposit the tuition fee. Thus, in Pakistan, private schools have become virtually a mafia.

The federal and the provincial governments need to establish their writ and do everything possible to save parents from the tentacles of private schools cartel.

Abdul Samad Samo


Published in Dawn, March 23rd, 2020