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The Millennium Education conducts e-classes under its learning management system amid coronavirus outbreak

The MATRIX makes TME one of Pakistan's first K-12 educational groups to optimise and champion the LMS.
Updated Mar 21, 2020 11:34am

As the world grapples with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), socialdistancing is fast becoming the new norm; governments have so far close down education institutes, offices and entire cities across the globe in a bid to contain the virus.

As number of reported cases are increasing day by day in Pakistan, schools, governments and educational institutes are faced with a greater responsibility to adopt a more holistic approach and be prepared to offer an alternate to traditional classroom learning without impinging on safety, well-being, health, hygiene and security of students as well as teaching and non-teaching staff.

Award-winning The Millennium Education (TME) is a school group which, under the vision of CEO Faisal Mushtaq, runs an efficient program to enable digital inclusion and real-time educational connectivity since 2015.

What is the MATRIX?

The school group prioritised virtual teaching through a unique and pioneering learning management system called Millennium Academic Technology Real-Time Information Xchange (MATRIX).

The MATRIX is a cloud hosted, integrated, and flexible and secure dynamic platform that allows TME schools, colleges and campuses to manage digital learning anytime or anywhere in the world.

It establishes connectivity between campuses, teachers, learners, guardians, parents and stakeholders in the most effective and responsible manner.

A day in the life of a digital student starts with a notification in place of an alarm.

MATRIX Learning Management System provides access to students and parents leaving no room for any lag in the process and provision of teaching and learning.

Different tools are integrated with MATRIX for an enhanced learning environment; a virtual school enables uninterrupted learning.

Students have an access to their own LMS portal which carries details about daily class work, homework, assessment record, syllabus, worksheets, and course media along with online virtual classroom functionality.

The e-system carries grade-wise and subject-wise guidelines for parents, study material, resources and printable worksheets on shared web links.

The syllabus breakdown along with the lesson planning and resources is uploaded by the subject and class teachers on daily basis.

MATRIX enables students to engage with teachers and submit assignments and get real-time online feedback.

TME believes that continuity of planning by leveraging digital technology assets is a critical tool for learning in today's technology-driven world.

The result will not only enable students to prepare for the unseen future, but also adapt to a greater, constantly evolving mechanism of online learning.

TME plans to build a technology integrated stability plan for the short term that supports their vision of a more resilient, technology-drivenlearning in the future.

In the words of CEO Faisal Mushtaq, TME looks forward to going back to physical classrooms, but until then virtual classes will welcome teaching and learning communities nationwide.

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