March 15, 2020


She’s Back

Remember Ayyan Ali? The fashion model who became the talk of the town for non-modeling reasons a few years back? Well, after a big pause, a couple of weeks ago she surprised everyone — pleasantly, some might add — by reappearing on social media. She claimed her song Earthquake (released in 2015) was still doing fine. Ayyan A also announced that “there’s a lot” she’s working on which will be out soon. Good to know that girl. As long as it’s not another cool half a million dollars in cash in a suitcase.

Befitting Tribute

That’s how you honour and show your respect to those who richly deserve it. On March 3, a programme was held in Lahore to pay tribute to the one and only Farida Khanum. Singers Hadiqa Kayani and Ali Sethi were among the panelists who interacted with the legendary vocalist and sang some of her great songs such as Main ne paeron mein payal and Agar tum mil jao. Video messages of Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and playback artist Rekha Bhardwaj were also shown on the occasion. As for us, we can only say, thank you Farida Khanum for enriching the world of music.

Misogyny Unbound

The altercation that took place on a talk show between social activist Marvi Sirmed and Mere Paas Tum Ho playwright Khalilul Rehman Qamar once again points to the issue of deep-seated misogyny and sexism in our society. The writer’s unprovoked aggression and use of foul language on live TV shocked thousands, including a number of the film and television fraternity who came out publicly against it. It was thoughtful on the part of Geo TV to pull back in protest from the contract that it had signed with the unrepentant Khalil Q only a couple of days earlier. To boot, his behaviour provided extra impetus to this year’s Aurat March on International Women’s Day as huge turnouts were witnessed all across the country. If the despicable incident showed anything other than that channels need to be more selective about who they put on air, it’s that talent as a wordsmith is no guarantee of being a decent human being.

Best Ever?

Folks, it is almost confirmed that Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani are an item. Their relationship is strong and likely to last for a longer time than expected. You don’t believe us? We say this because after watching only the trailer for Tiger S’s latest movie Baaghi 3, Disha P has claimed that it is the best action film ever. Seriously? Girl, the franchise is still on, and there’s likely to be a Baaghi 4… which might just be the bestest action film forever. So go easy on your superlatives.

Plan Goes Kaput

This coronavirus thing is really depressing. It is ruining people’s goals. A case in point is Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s wedding, which they were planning to have in Japan. Nope, not happening anymore because, as per a website’s report, they are waiting to see ‘what happens with travel and coronavirus’. Sources say that the couple is now thinking of moving the plans to the US. Yeah right, it all looks hip, happening and healthy in America.

Sushi Safe

Pop star Justin Bieber has a cat named Sushi. Last month, the pet went missing, making the singer and his wife Hailey uber-worried. They even posted their concern on social media in the hope that someone would find it, to no avail. Well, on March 6, they received a call saying someone had found his cat. Who was that someone? Answer: Food Network celeb Sandra Lee. Ironic: a chef found Sushi and didn’t have to make it?

Published in Dawn, ICON, March 15th, 2020