Public holiday in Kuwait

March 12, 2020


DUBAI: Kuwaiti authorities announced on Wednesday a public holiday in the country from March 12 to March 26, with work resuming on March 29. But entities providing vital services will remain open.

Kuwait will also halt all commercial flights to and from the Arab state starting on Friday and until further notice, with the exception of cargo flights.

Kuwaitis have been banned from going to restaurants and cafes, including those inside malls.

Elsewhere in Middle East, Qatar reported 238 more coronavirus infections among individuals under quarantine in a residential compound on Wednesday while Bahrain announced 77 new infections among citizens evacuated by plane from Iran.

Two meetings of G20 economies due to be held in Saudi Arabia were postponed.

All Gulf Arab states have recorded infections but no deaths.

Saudi Arabia, which reported 21 cases of the disease and locked down the oil-producing region of Qatif, said on Wednesday it was closing cinemas until further notice.

The rise in cases in Qatar, which took the country’s tally to 262, was among expatriates who had been quarantined inside one compound after three residents were diagnosed with the virus on Sunday, the health ministry said.

Published in Dawn, March 12th, 2020