Here's all foodpanda is doing to improve rider health and safety

The 'foodpanda cares' campaign is giving away helmets, masks, jackets, insurance plans and a lot more to riders.
Updated Feb 28, 2020 01:25pm

Having food delivered to your house is convenient but it comes with the cost of allowing an unknown person come knocking at your door.

Food delivery platform, foodpanda Pakistan is taking measures to ensure customers feel secure when their riders come to deliver food.

Pakistan’s largest food delivery service is doing all to improve standards of service to be able to create better experiences for customers and employees.

Here are some details:

Pre-employment screening for criminal background checks

Through their latest campaign, ‘foodpanda cares', rider safety is ensured at all levels in many different ways.

For starters, when a new rider files an application to become part of the foodpanda fleet, he undergoes thorough background checks; anyone found guilty of a criminal record is deemed unfit to qualify for recruitment on the foodpanda riders' panel.

Rider insurance program

Among other initiatives, the food delivery platform has introduced an insurance program for on-duty riders.

The organisation has also handed over helmets to all riders in major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad among many others.

Other key measures towards preventive care

Riders are also handed face masks in a bid to ensure preventive measures against air-borne diseases, coronavirus and smog.

To ensure seamless and safe operations and deliveries, all foodpanda riders received jackets to keep them warm.

Work hours have also been reduced in cities facing harsh cold weathers and high fog.

These measures have been taken by foodpanda to create a risk-free environment for not only riders but also customers.

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