LAHORE: PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif has said the life of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is a sacred trust of the people of Pakistan and no one will be allowed to meddle with it in any way.

“The Sharif family is taking extra care of his [Nawaz’s] health in strict accordance with doctors’ direction, along with the prayers of his mother. His treatment takes precedence over everything and everyone strongly believes that God Almighty will shower his blessings,” Shahbaz, who is in London, said in a strongly worded statement issued here on Wednesday.

He appealed to the people to pray for the recovery and well-being of the PML-N supreme leader.

The Punjab cabinet on Tuesday had refused to allow extension in Nawaz’s stay abroad for his medical treatment as it found no “legal, moral or medical grounds” to do so.

The opposition leader in the National Assembly said the “fascist-minded” Imran Niazi wanted to drag Nawaz Sharif out of his treatment facility and put him in jail by violating his human and legal rights. “Blinded by his prejudice and vengeance” so-called Prime Minister Niazi felt secure by imprisoning his opponents through persecution and political victimisation, he said.

“By [resorting to] such lowly action Mr Niazi wanted to bury his head in sand like an ostrich to flee the consequences of his blunders and sins ever since he has come to power. This self-centred egocentric sick person is oblivious to the sanctity of human values and has no capacity to respect anyone,” he lamented.

Referring to the premier, Shahbaz said, this ruler had looted over 20 million Pakistanis and driven them into abject poverty and starvation. “Mr Niazi has snatched even the last loaf of bread from people by colluding with the wheat and sugar thieves as this corrupt and coward person has led Pakistan to the brink of bankruptcy by shutting down businesses and factories,” he said and added that history was replete with examples of how such fascist regimes met their end.

He said the PML-N would move the courts over “Imran Niazi’s illegal, inhumane actions based purely on personal vengeance and animosity.”

Published in Dawn, February 27th, 2020