Police uniform

February 18, 2020


CHANGING the colour and design of uniforms of various government services appears to be our decision makers’ hobby. This costs billions of rupees to taxpayers. Some services have personnel in more than one uniform colour and design.

Punjab police uniform of olive green colour shocked many including Imran Khan who once passed adverse comments on it. Colour of the uniform of traffic wardens of Punjab is a safety hazard because of its poor visibility in heavy traffic, particularly after sunset.

We inherited in 1947 traffic policemen in khaki, wearing long white sleeves while on duty. It was later changed to white shirts and trousers, and white shirts and blue trousers. The main motive behind deciding the colour for police uniform should be better visibility, particularly in poor light conditions.

If top police brass agrees, public opinion may also be sought and considered to know in what uniform people would like to see their compatriots in police. The public includes highly experienced retired government employees as well.

M. Akram Niazi

Published in Dawn, February 18th, 2020