Muslim victims

February 17, 2020


IN August 2019, the UN committee against torture had ordered the Bosnian government to pay compensation to a Muslim rape victim after the soldier who was convicted of rape could not pay the compensation he was ordered to pay.

The government was also ordered to create a national war crimes reparation scheme so other victims could also apply for compensation rather than pursue expensive and lengthy proceedings through the UN mechanism.

This first case of rape in UN committee against torture has set a precedent for other rape victims to get compensation. Pakistan can also use this example to prove rape against Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir and also Myanmar soldiers in Myanmar. Videos, victims’ and third party testimonies are available on record for the Muslim women of Kashmir and Myanmar.

Pakistan can also ask the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and other Muslim nations to help fund this endeavour because to initiate such proceedings in the UN committee against torture can require high legal expense.

Shahryar Khan

Published in Dawn, February 17th, 2020