LONDON: Eighteen-year-old Mrs. Kathleen Walters, of Ipswich Suffolk, whose husband, a flight-Lieutenant, was shot down over Stuttgard last July after they had been married only a month and has now been liberated by the Russians, has written a letter to Marshal Stalin. She says in her letter: - “Dear Marshal Stalin, I would not expect you to make it a part of your thrilling Orders of the Day, but I hope you will send a grateful message to your gallant soldiers who freed my brave airman husband. Every night I prayed that the Russians might free him in their wonderful advance into Germany.

“My prayers have now been answered and now what more [can] I say than ‘Thank you’ Mr. Stalin, and thank you all your gallant men of the Red Army who have brought an English bride the happy tidings.

“I feel I can say that too, for many thousands of wives, mothers and sweethearts who have yet to hear the good news, but who will hear it soon, enough.”

Yours sincerely, Kathleen Walters.

Published in Dawn, February 17th, 2020