MADARIPUR: The assurance that “there can be no recurrence of famine, as Government have built up huge stocks of rice which will meet the demands of deficit areas” was given by Mr. K. Shahabuddin, Minister-in-Charge of Commerce, Labour and Industrial Department, addressing a public meeting yesterday [Feb 13] at Kartikpur in this sub-division, itself a deficit area.

The Minister added that Government had always been trying to satisfy the wants and redress the grievances of the people as far as practicable, but the people on their own part, instead of depending solely on Government help, should make a united effort to improve their conditions. He advised them to form co-operative societies to make their demands more effective and emphasised the need for communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

[Meanwhile, as reported from Chittagong,] The body of a 40-feet long whale — the biggest ever seen here — has been discovered alongside a jetty in the double moorings area of Chittagong. About a week ago, sea-going fishermen were greatly frightened at the sight of a large sea animal opposite the Sandvip island. Its body bears several gunshot wounds.

Published in Dawn, February 16th, 2020