PESHAWAR: Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, President of Pakistan Muslim League, said today [Feb 15] that two kinds of political parties were active in the country, one aided by foreign Powers and the other working on their own resources.

Addressing a party workers meeting at Bhanamari this afternoon, he explained that those parties which favoured a strong Centre for Pakistan were patriotic parties and kept the interest of the country supreme, while those demanding a weak Centre and strong Provinces were the ones playing in the hands of foreign countries. He said that the people were conscious enough to judge between right and wrong and will not allow any attempt to harm the integrity and unity of the country.

Referring to the demands for confederation of Pakistan and India by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the PML chief said that Pakistan could form a confederation with Muslim countries like Afgha­nistan, Iran and Turkey, but never with a hostile country like India, which had ideological differences with Pakistan. He said Ghaffar Khan was acting on advice of Indians because he was paid for it and the money given to him will be used against Pakistan. He criticised the six points of Sheikh Mujib and said they were aimed at making Pakistan victim of the Indian designs. — Agency

Published in Dawn, February 16th, 2020