Coronavirus: an advice

14 Feb 2020


IF we bring back the Pakistani students studying in China, it will be a colossal mistake. They should be asked to continue their studies in China wherever they study.

They should be compensated monetarily and encouraged to continue their studies. The Chinese government is doing its best to control the epidemic and it will soon find the cure and put an end to their crisis. I have faith in the ability of the Chinese to overcome this crisis.

If students return to Pakistan, they will expose themselves to higher risks and to an environment where the chances of a secondary infection are higher and may prove fatal. Pakistani politicians have proved that Larkana, the birthplace of the Bhuttos, has the highest rate of HIV positive children as young as four. It is far better to take one’s chances in a Chinese hospital than to risk an early death in a Pakistani clinic.

Pakistan is now the only country in the world where polio has not been eradicated. Polio, a cruel disease for young children whose cure was available to Pakistani children over 30 years ago, has been eradicated all over the world. Yet in Pakistan, polio cases still manage to surface. This is a shameful testament to our political leadership.

The example of the Sharifs shows that the Pakistani political leadership has no faith in its own medical system.

Fakir Syed Ayazuddin


WITH the ever-increasing fears of spread of coronavirus, Pakistanis stranded in China are concerned about their fate. Back here, their families are, undoubtedly, worried and are asking the PTI-led government to bring back their loved ones.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said that the government was not bringing back Pakistanis stranded in China in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO.

If Pakistan brings people back, it might stand with those countries which do not trust China and the efforts of its authorities to eradicate the menace. Pakistan cannot afford this given CPEC and other larger interests. Moreover, if such a large number of people arrive from the virus-hit areas, Pakistan will be unable to deal with all of them since the health facilities are not so advanced here.

Kamran Akhtar Siddiqui

Published in Dawn, February 14th, 2020