— White Star
— White Star

ISLAMABAD: An inauguration of Wahab Jaffer’s recent work, which consists of 36 brightly coloured and inventive pieces, was held at Tanzara Gallery on Thursday.

As always, Mr Jaffer’s paintings simplified the female form in rich, vibrant colours, merging symbols like birds and patterns like chevrons into the compositions. Equally inventive were his bright floral canvases, while he also showed a collection of black and white pen and ink drawings containing intricately worked surreal patterns and forms.

Mr Jaffer successfully captured the mood and attitude of the women on his canvas with a rich colour palette. His smooth lines, colour coordination and balanced compositions render the image in a sharp and effective manner. An intense exploration of form has always been a hallmark of the renowned artist’s work, an aspect he continues to experiment with.

Usama Bin Murad said of the work: “It is very close to my heart - the graphic quality of the outlines in black and the use of shapes and colour. Nice work!”

Rabia Rasul said: “I like his work because it is bright and colourful. When it’s in the room it draws attention. His compositions are very interesting. I’m not really into imaginative figurative work but I’m really drawn to his work. I personally like his figurative work a lot. His control of colours is amazing - if you look at each painting no bright colour clashes with another. There is a perfect balance between bright, dull and dark colours.”

Ms Rasul, the daughter of renowned Pakistani artist Ghulam Rasul, added: “In this exhibition his colour palette has completely changed - last time it was duller, this time it is very vibrant. He has also used patterns this time which were not there in his earlier paintings.”

Mr Jaffer’s work is captivating as he uses colour as a subject within his canvases. Each work is an experience that portrays fantastical faces and constructs that draw the viewer in. His still-lifes are just as vibrant, with layered strokes and textures.

The effect of his work continues to astound – the colours, patterns and symbols keep the viewer entranced. The mood of the women, the state of the flowers in each of the paintings is alive and energetic and at all times decidedly modern. The works are rooted in the imagination.

Published in Dawn, February 14th, 2020