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McDonald's Mathmania is putting the fun back in math. Here's how

Winners will be handed over upto Rs100,000 as cash prizes.

Updated Feb 15, 2020 11:41am

In today’s world of big data, the need and significance of finding innovative ways to learn and teach mathematics cannot be ignored.

The subject may provide a solid foundation for logic and analytics, and the development of critical aptitude in students. But let's face it, many feel that the subject is hard to interact with and difficult to grasp.

To help Pakistan simplify the way math is taught, McDonald’s has taken an initiative to introduce an innovative method of learning via the Mathmania.

With this contest, the fast-food restaurant chain is bringing an effective learning opportunity that brings with it cash prizes and scrumptious McDonald's meals.

What is Mathmania?

McDonald’s Mathmania is a competition to assess the mathematical knowledge and skills of contestants through multiple-choice questions with tasty results.

Students of grade three to matriculation/Olevel can participate in the contest, which takes place in 3 stages:

  1. Online stage - where participants give the quiz online
  2. Shortlisting - where the best scores get picked
  3. Final on-ground grand competition - shortlisted participants compete with each other on the spot

Cash prizes include Rs100,000 for the first position holder, Rs50,000 for the second and Rs25,000 for the third.

How to participate

Here are the steps:

  1. Participants can visit their nearest McDonald’s restaurant, get an access code for Rs500 and collect a voucher.

  2. Enter this access code from the voucher on the McDonald’s app.

  3. Start attempting quizzes and keep scoring points

  4. Redeem points in the McDonald’s app

  5. Keep scoring till 3rd March, 2020

  6. Top scorers from the online competition will be invited on-ground for shortlisting via test screenings. 70 shortlisted candidates will finally participate in the grand competition.

Three categories of cash prizes include Rs100,000 for the first position holder, Rs50,000 for the second and Rs25,000 for the third.

FFor more details, sign in to the McDonald’s app.

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