Taxi driver’s plea

01 Feb 2020


I JOINED Arabia Taxi in Ajman, UAE, nearly eight months ago. I got visa by a recruiting agency in Rawalpindi by paying 10,000 AED for visa, air ticket and licence fee.

This agency staff made false statements and told us that company would pay 1,500 AED per month plus commission, accommodation, paid annual leave, return air ticket and medical facility.

On joining the company, I found no accommodation or food. There was no weekend, basic salary, working hours and good working environment. I drove taxi for 16 to 18 hours daily and submitted about 20,000 AED to the company account, while the company paid me salaries.

I had borrowed about Rs600,000 from my cousin to get this job which all went down the drain, while this company wasted my whole year.

My family advised me to come back to Pakistan. When I requested the company manager to return my passport he refused to give it back and demanded 10,000 AED for it.

I request all departments concerned to take serious action against all black sheep, including ambassadors, overseas employment promoters, agent mafia and protector offices.

UAE ambassador and their staff in Pakistan help to appoint black sheep in all these offices by funding the corrupt politicians and target our nationals. I urge the government to take action against all.

Abu Sufyan Ajman UAE

Published in Dawn, February 1st, 2020