Zainab alert

January 26, 2020


THE National Assembly passed the Zainab Alert Recovery and Response Bill as a measure to prevent any more innocent minor children from dying at the hand of predatory child molesters. Though, this is a really beneficial bill for the innocent children, has it helped? No!

Another incident was reported last week when two men raped, brutally tortured and murdered seven-year-old Hooz Noor in Nowshera. Our parliamentarians need to tell the nation why their lawmaking could not protect the life of this child who was ruthlessly butchered.

The federal and provincial governments and all segments of society need to act in unison against child molesters. Quick justice, stringent punishment and no mercy should be the prescription. And it should happen now. Please let there be no more Zainabs and Hooz Noors.

Zubair Ahmed

Published in Dawn, January 26th, 2020