Inflated gas bills

January 24, 2020


DESPITE low pressure or no gas at all in urban and rural areas, consumers are being sent inflated gas bills by the gas company.

Obviously, the electricity and gas transmission and distribution companies themselves are to be blamed for faulty and defective electricity and gas distribution and transmission systems. There is extra ordinary pressure on power supply in summer months and on gas consumption in winter months.

Why don’t these companies carry out their rehabilitation and renovation works to remove defects and set things right when there is no pressure in the off-seasons of both utility services?

Many consumers have complained and rightly so-- that the electricity and gas companies send inflated bills to consumers for at least three months in summer and winter seasons.

I live in Johar Town, and am a domestic gas consumer. The gas company gave me a bill for a whopping Rs22,000 for December 2019. No doubt the gas consumed by my household was more when compared to November, because of the severe severe cold weather but the bill I received is unjustified.

Gas bills have gone up manifold in the last three months. My gas bill for Sept 2019 was Rs 1,800, which doubled to Rs 3,600 in Oct and Rs 7,200 in Nov. The bill for Dec 2019 was Rs 22,000!

If the gas consumed was double then the bill should also be double as compared to the previous month and not as high as three times, please.


Published in Dawn, January 24th, 2020