WASHINGTON: The United States is determined to reduce its involvements abroad generally and end the Viet-Nam war in particular, President Nixon said in his State of the Union message today [Jan 22]. The aim of American Viet-Nam policy remained to end the conflict with any equitable settlement, Mr Nixon said.

US foreign policy would remain one of fidelity to treaty commitments, he said. “But we shall reduce our involvement and our presence in other nations’ affairs. Relations between Washington and its European allies were once again “strong and healthy based on mutual consultation and responsibility,” Mr Nixon said.

The President assured the country in the annual January message that avoiding a “catastrophic collision” with either the Soviet Union or China and preparing ground for peaceful arrangements with the two giants were the principal concern of his administration.

[Meanwhile, as reported by agencies in Bagh­dad,] A further four persons, accused of being implicated in Tuesday [Jan 20] night’s attempted coup, were executed this afternoon [Jan 22], bringing the total to 40. Iraq also ordered today the Ira­nian Ambassador in Baghdad and four other Ira­nian diplomats to quit the country within 24 hours “for being involved in acts contrary to diplomatic usage”.

Published in Dawn, January 23rd, 2020