Neutral Pakistan

21 Jan 2020


PAKISTAN must act rationally and remain neutral in the case of a US-Iran conflict. Our Foreign Office should pursue the Pakistan first policy and the mandarins in Islamabad have to ensure the country takes no sides in this conflagration — if there is one — as this nation cannot afford another war.

Experiences in this respect have brought this country much angst. The US has misused Pakistani soil in the two Afghanistan wars. Both conflicts brought misery to this nation, and terrorism spread like cancer through the land with extremism taking root in Pakistan.

The best course of action for Pakistan is to play the role of a mediator instead of becoming an American ally in the Middle East. This is the prudent response. Our Foreign Office should initiate backdoor diplomacy to resolve the US-Iran-Saudi Arabia imbroglio. This is the only prescription for peace in the region.

Muhammad Aqeel

Published in Dawn, January 21st, 2020