AHMEDABAD: “What Mr. Gandhi offered to us was a badly edited version of the Cripps Proposals,” declared Mr. M.A. Jinnah, addressing a mass meeting of Muslims held in the Juma Masjid tonight [Jan 16].

While the Cripps proposals conceded the principle of ‘Pakistan’ by agreeing to have one or more unions in India, Mr. Gandhi offered the same by hedging the offer with many disabilities so that Muslims could not achieve their goal, he said.

Mr. Jinnah reiterated the League’s demand for ‘Pakistan’ and explained at length its implication and how the achievement of ‘Pakistan’ would lead to the complete freedom of all India. He said that the Hindus were needlessly frightened of the Muslim demand and urged them not to be carried away by the statements of highly placed people on the need for a united India. The Viceroy’s speech in Calcutta, he said, was a “dope” to the Hindus...

An address and a purse of Rs. 500 were presented to Mr. Jinnah this evening by the Jamiatul Qarish. Late a deputation of the scheduled castes waited on him.

Published in Dawn, January 18th, 2020