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Faysal Bank unveils new brand identity, introduces wide range of Islamic banking products

The brand aims to host over 400 dedicated Islamic banking branches across the nation by the end of this year.
Updated Jan 13, 2020 01:18pm

Faysal Bank recently refreshed its brand identity to indicate a move from conventional to Islamic banking, and launched complete set of Islamic banking products and services.

With their latest campaign, Barho - Yaqeen Ke Sath, the brand aims to highlight this move, informing the world of their introduction of innovative methods to Islamic banking.

Have a look:

Faysal Bank's new Islamic banking journey will enable their Islamic Banking Division to host 400 Islamic dedicated Islamic branches, all across the nation, by the end of the year.

The bank has taken this step in order to help customers reap benefits of true Islamic banking, fulfill their needs while staying true to the principles of Shariah Compliance and Riba-free and Islamic banking with full transparency, peace of mind, and spiritual and financial harmony.

Faysal Bank intends to move to the forefront of this transition to lead Islamic banking franchises in Pakistan with special focus on technologically advanced customer service.

This refreshed brand and identity took over six months of intensive revisions, discussions, focus groups, research, board-level deliberations, and marketing and design savvy execution.

Under The D'Hamidi Partnership, the branding agency that also developed Faysal Bank's identity 10 years ago, Faysal Bank's new brand is now also the ambassador for the company's collective objectives.

Sharing his thoughts on the future of Islamic banking in the country, President and CEO, Yousaf Hussain, said, "Islamic banking was initiated in Pakistan 17 years ago and currently accounts for 15 percent of total banking. Islamic banking branch network has grown from just 17 branches in 2003 to over 2,850 now. State Bank of Pakistan is taking a number of steps to further support this growth. Government of Pakistan has recently floated Rs. 200 billion worth of sukkuk for power sector, opening a much needed window for Islamic banks to grow. Islamic bankers are positive that financial inclusion would accelerate as the Islamic banking system expands its network around the country."

Range of Islamic products

FBL Islamic bank offers a comprehensive set of Islamic banking solutions to cater Islamic financing requirements of their corporate, CBSME, agri and consumer finance customer base.

All products and services used/offered in FBL are subject to approval of Sharia board and BOD and concerned authorities, FBL Islamic offers both long and short term financing facilities.

  1. Murabaha

  2. Istisna (local and export)

  3. Trade department related facilities

  4. Tijarah

  5. Running Musharakah (equity participation)

  6. Diminishing Musharakah financing

  7. Salam

  8. Islamic export refinance based on Murabaha, Istisna and RM.

For more details on these products and the Bank's shift to Islamic banking, head over to their official website.

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