Three-dimension map

26 Dec 2019


A GRAPHIC designer has produced a first-ever tourist guide map. It is a three-dimensional graphic depiction which highlights most of the mesmerising tourist spots in Pakistan.

The exploration of the untapped tourism potential of the country has now become handy with such comprehensive tourism guide. Our homeland has been blessed with everything. It has a splendid climate, beaches, one of the highest mountains, oldest civilisations, heritage buildings and rich culture.

Such beauty will help us showcase Pakistan’s image to the world. Owing to the lenient visa policy, the foreign tourists are finally coming to see Pakistan after many years. This development is heartening.

The visually compelling map is a valuable addition to the archaeological and architectural archives of Pakistan. Places rarely known even by natives such Deosai, Malam Jabba, Shinkiari, Katas Raj, Princess of Hope and the Cave City, are now highlighted in the map.

Such efforts by an individual need encouragement and praise.

Sajal Rizwan


Published in Dawn, December 26th, 2019