Apathetic attitude

16 Dec 2019


APROPOS two reports in Dawn’s Dec 9 issue, one pertaining to the supply of two planes by the centre to eradicate the locust menace in Sindh, and the other to the return of Rs202 billion by the provinces to centre by foregoing their uplift schemes.

The federal government has committed an inordinate delay in sending to the province the much needed assistance against the locust invasion which has devastated thousands of acres of precious agricultural land in several districts of Sindh.

The large uplift funds returned by the provinces show their poor performance. The provincial governments need to be censured publicly.

I demand that the uplift funds meant for projects in Sindh be refunded immediately and the money spent on welfare projects in the province.

Mansoor ul Haque Solangi

Published in Dawn, December 16th, 2019