Upper Dir, Shangla receive snowfall

December 12, 2019


Upper Dir. — Dawn
Upper Dir. — Dawn

UPPER DIR/SHANGLA: The mountainous parts of Upper Dir and Shangla districts received heavy snowfall, dipping temperatures below the freezing point, and rain lashed the plains on Wednesday.

Kumrat, Thal, Lowari Top, Dobando Dara, Usheri Dara, Sadiq Banda, Brawal, and other mountainous places in Upper Dir received snowfall while plain areas, including Dir city, Bibyawar, Sheringal, Wari, Darora, and others received rain.

The snowfall started in the wee hours of Wednesday and continued throughout the day. Kumrat, Lowari Top, Thal, Doog Dara, Dobando Dara received from four inches to one and a half feet of snowfall. The Met office said the Dir city received 16 millimeter rain.

Meanwhile, Shangla received a fresh spell of snow covering its mountains with white blanket, and plunging the temperatures below zero degree in upper parts of the district.

It started snowing on Tuesday night and continued on Wednesday, suspending power supply in Bisham and other parts. Rain also lashed the down areas of the district.

Travellers faced problems while commuting on the snow-covered Alpuri-Puran Road at Yakhtangay and Shangla top. The upper parts like Kana, Ajmir, Pir Khana, Speen Ghar, Kandaw, Gamtal, Kapar Banda and Bisham mountains received snowfall.

Published in Dawn, December 12th, 2019